Vol. 1 (67). № 3, 2015


Cultural Antropology

Berestovskaya D. S.
The Existential Motives in the Symbolic World of the Early Prose of S. N. Sergeyev-Tsensky

Voievodin А. Р.
Methodological challenges to philosophical anthropology

Shorkin A. D.
The Language Games in Contemporary Art

Theory of Culture

Berdyugina A. V.
Cultural heritage of a multiethnic region as a factor of the 40 implementation of the intercultural dialogue

Gabrielian O. A., Ignatov K. E.
The Crisis of Book: A Possible Solution

Griva О. А.
Moral and religious-based culture of education in the christian 66 family and in the schools

Zherdieva A. M.
The analysis of the publication of Crimean legends in Romania

Kostromitskaya A. V.
Temporal and spatial and temporal aspects of the 85 studying of the city

History of Culture

Druzhinina E. S.
Modification of Archetype of the Hero in Medieval Culture

Sinichkin A. V.
World Art in the letters and diaries of Vernadsky

Skryabin A. O.
Sociocultural grounds of the early Christianity through the prism of concept of Arnold Joseph Toynbee «Challenge-and-Response»

Temnenko G. M.
Art as a sacral game of the Silver age

Cultural Space of the Crimea

Ilnytskaya O.I.
History of origin and development of the Crimean tatar scenic and performong art

Kuramshina Yu. V., Popov A. D.
Theory and practice of «excursions in a culture»: P. V. Nikolskiy and Russian excursionists of the first third of ХХ

Kurianova I. A.
Dichotomy is the East — the West in Crimean poet Maksimilian Voloshin’s creation

Petrenko A. P.
The city as a complex self-organizing system (on the example  of Feodosiya)

Khairedinova Z. Z.
Crimean Tatar Murzas and Beys in the Pages of Noble Genealogical Books of the Taurida gubernia

Shevchuk V. G.
Avant-garde art space: Crimean text

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