Vol. 1 (67). № 4, 2015


Political Institutions and Processes

Kuzmin S.P.
The Сivil Society of Modern Russia: Problems of Formation and Development

Filatov A.S.
Features of Ethnocultural Relations  in the Crimean Federal District Russian Federation

Grosfeld E.V., Dihtemirov M.S.
On the Issue of the State Regulation of Labor Migration in Crimea

Danchenko N.Y., Kiseleva N.V.
Classification of Modern States in Amount of Crimes for Which the Death Penalty is Carrying out

Pashkovsky P.I.
The Problem of Interpretation of the Concept «post-Soviet space»

Halanskaya L.G., Basamak M.S.
Ways of Carrying out a Political PR Television Discourse in Modern Russia

Gasparyan  L.S., Obsharskaia A.V., Danchenko N.Y., Tusnetova A.I.
Information Impact on Public Opinion: The Effect of «The Spiral of Silence» in Regional Measurement

Politics and Culture

Filimonov S.B.
The Crimean Intellectuals in the Years of World War I and Civil Wars (on materials of the Taurida scientific archival commission)

Lazarev F.V.
On the Technology of Formation of Values and Philosophical Systems in the History of Culture

Raskosova A.V.
Professional Culture of Political Scientist and Contradictions  of its Formation at the University

Halanskaya L.G., Mezhova M.C.
The Crimea in the Сontext of Сultural Globalization

World Politics and International Relations

Makarov R.V.
Ethnic and Religious Factors in Mosul Territorial Dispute (1918 — 1926): Lesson from the Past to Respond to Today’s Challenges

Tupota O.M.
The Role of the Black Sea Region in the United States Global Geo-Strategy in 1991 – 2013

Obsharskaia A.V.
The Special Aspects of Japanese Political System Transformation in the Second Half of 1940 s

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